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Ending Homelessness with God's Love

Hope begins with a Meal

Meals-a-Month Club

$2.00 Dollars Provides a Meal and Hope to someone who is hungry and hurting. Hope often begins with a meal.

Meals-a-Month Club Changes Lives!

When you become a member, we will send you a special Meals-a-Month wristband.

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Join our "Meals-A-Month Club". For as little as $10 a month or more, you can provide healthy meals to hungry members of our community! You're compassion and generosity will provide meals during the year for those that are in great need. Hope often begins with a meal. Hurting men, women, and children are encouraged to begin new lives.

When you join MEALS-A- MONTH you will provide for:

  • The most basic needs of those that come to our Centers every day.
  • The tools and knowledge needed by our friends and neighbors to transition back into society.
  • Permanent solutions for the chronic homeless.
  • The future of the Miami Rescue Mission and Broward Outreach Centers.

It's So Simple!

Helping those is the greatest of need. Woman eating.

Becoming a "Meals-A-Month Club" member is easy. Select your gift options by submitting the form.

Once we receive your donation, we will send a special "Meals-A-Month Club" wristband. For further details on Meals-A-Month Club, please call 305 571-2206. You will provide meals and hope for a better future!

Our Miami and Broward Centers in Brief